Fresh off the boat and arriving in the US in 2001, I embraced American culture and kindled my curiosity for global diversity and self-discovery. You see, I'm South Sudanese, Ugandan, and a global citizen driven by my love for travel and my ability to enrich the journeys of future travelers.

Guided by this chosen path, I'm dedicated to helping others unveil the world's captivating hidden gems in a responsible and sustainable way. As a solo traveler, I understand the stress of trip planning all too well, which is why I'm here to anticipate any uncertainties that may come your way.

Here's my offer: I'll take care of all the pesky travel logistics so that you can relax and enjoy your trip before your vacation. Do we have a deal?

I'm Lona, a new england based luxury travel advisor, aesthete, event designer, and hotel snob.

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amapiano, crisp white linens, black sand beaches, ‘08 Nicki, fabric swatches, street art

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Traveling has taken me away to some truly breathtaking destinations, but there’s so much world to experience and even more so vicariously through you.

As your travel advisor, I will craft tailor-made itineraries that align seamlessly with your unique preferences and requirements. Drawing from a vast well of personal experiences, client feedback, and insights within my network.

I'm committed to delivering unparalleled service and meticulous attention to detail. Whether you're seeking a romantic escapade or an intricate multi-destination expedition, you're in great company.

Insider hotel perks always included.

 I am an architect of ease and comfort. 

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 I am dedicated to honoring local cultures, while simultaneously promoting the industry's need for greater diversity and inclusion.

My Guiding Compass

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My commitment is to curate more than just trips – I design moments that resonate, creating lasting memories etched in the fabric of your passport.

My Guiding Compass

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With sustainability at the forefront, collectively we can ensure that the beauty of the destinations explored continues for generations.

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 I aim to inspire you to venture beyond the familiar, guided by expertly designed itineraries that make exploration a breeze, opening doors to new experiences.

My Guiding Compass

09. WHICH SONG IS on heavy spotify rotation?

Italy by Blaq Diamond

a. Modern Maximalist 
b. 1970s Revival
c. Organic Minimalist
d. Neo-Industrial

08. Which design style do I lean towards the most

a. Antartica  
b. Iceland
c. India
d. Australia

07. Which destination is up next?

Alim Yai, she has a great eye for design and is an inspiring powerhouse

06. Who is my dream "aesthete" client?

a. Prosecco 
b. French 75
c. Espresso Martini
d. Sangria

05. Drink of choice?


04. What is one thing I can't live without?

a. Gucci
b. Hanifa
c. Good American
d. Zara

03. Which store am I most likely to be buried in?

Iced, black with spices and sweetened condensed milk

02. How do I like My tea?

a. Blackfish
b. The Last Tourist
c. Fyre Fraud
d. All of the above

01. Which documentary do I highly recommend?

who doesn't love a pop quiz?!

10. Which hotels are in my top five?

1. One&Only Mandarina
2. The Whitney Hotel
3. Villa Bokeh
4. Crew Quarters
5. Malliouhana

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