If you lean towards a mindful approach to traveling, love a well designed hotel and want extra perks for staying there – we've got you covered!

We curate authentic travel experiences for couples

Nilo Travel Company

No detail is too small when it comes to expressing your love for each other. From orchestrating a proposal to crafting unforgettable “just because” getaways. You’re determined to give your partner a taste of the world's wonders from spontaneous weekend escapes to adventurous weeklong journeys around the world. 



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Beyond your Pinterest moodboard, you’re looking to collaborate with a travel professional to create a bespoke itinerary that resonates with your interests. Ensuring luxury accommodations, “unGoogleable” experiences, and seamless logistics, allowing you to focus solely on your new journey together.



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Your taste is refined and you deeply appreciate architecture, interior design, and art. Walking into a hotel lobby is like entering an art gallery for you. You're immediately drawn to boutique hotels and luxury resorts that offer a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and sustainability.



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Michaela, Hacienda AltaGracia

You knew exactly what I wanted and needed, and your impeccable taste and understanding of my needs were just so on point. The experience, everything from the arrival at the airport, to the app, to the food, and the gift on arrival (so yummy, pretty). Making me feel relaxed, loved, and cared for.


Lola, Greece Honeymoon

Lona blew us out the park! She is so organized and made sure to work with us. Everything was a dream. We couldn't have been able to plan this ourselves, she took a lot of stress off our shoulders!


Samantha, UNICO 20°87°

The planning process was very smooth and seamless. Lona is very efficient and prompt. It was the perfect birthday solo travel trip. I felt safe taken care of and celebrated,


Client Postcards

I am a self-proclaimed boutique hotel snob on a mission to inspire luxury travelers to travel the world more responsibly. This doesn't mean having to compromise on comfort or stunning aesthetics. It's about allowing for opportunities to support local economies in meaningful ways and creating impacts that protect the authenticity of destinations you love for tomorrow's traveler.

If you appreciate real and honest perspectives on all aspects of travel, I’m your Girl.

Hi, I'm Lona Cosmas, Founder, Nilo Travel Company

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Purveyor of luxury hotel rooms, Responsible Travel Advocate, TASTEMAKER

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